Irish Craft Beers… That Not So Elusive 19th Hole

The reputation of Ireland’s ‘19th hole’ has been well known for many years. Without dipping into the pool of clichés which accompanies our famed hospitality, let’s just say that we know a thing or two about a grand night at the bar, stories that embellish any encounter and a camaraderie that wraps its arms around the world.

But in recent years, pubs have been closing at a frightening rate. There is, however, one very bright spark in this darkness… Irish craft brewing has created a new lease of life for beer drinkers.

Bars are stocking a wider and wider range of beers, ales, stouts and ciders, and the explosion in craft brewing has swept Ireland up in its embrace. Craft beer may only account for 2% of sales (it was 0.4% in 2012) but it continues to grow.
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