Photographing Carne: Far More than a Thousand Words
I guess the black cloud barging in over the Atlantic should have been fair warning, but I was out striding the fairways in glorious sunshine. A black cloud wasn’t going to darken my mood. Rucksack on my back, camera in hand, I was taking advantage of the beautiful weather to photograph one of the most remarkable courses I have ever played or seen… and yes, I mean Carne Golf Links. I was heading towards the 13th green at the farthest point of Carne’s 27 holes, its green hovering above the beach, its flag sitting against the ocean and the horizon beyond. Next stop, America. And the cloud advanced.

Two minutes later the rain was inflicting a painful experience on my head and a painful lesson of the risks of how contrary the Irish weather can be. There was no shelter, despite the nearby towering dunes. The 14th is the.
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How To Play Links Golf
First, if you already play a lot of links golf – real links golf – then this blog probably isn’t for you. If so, I apologise.

Second, you may think golf is golf… what makes links golf any different to the ‘regular’ parkland golf I play?

The thing is, it is different. Very different. Forget for a minute that links golf is the purest and earliest form of the game… what makes it stand out is the physical characteristics of the landscape. The dunes, the lack of trees, the deep bunkering, the shapes of fairways and greens.

That in itself suggests the need for a different style of golf. And then there’s the wind.

So yes, a few extra skills, a different point of view, an acceptance of your fallibility… they’ll all help.

Here are eight tips and suggestions to consider when you decide it’s time to play links golf. Once you’re done, come to Carne Golf Links and give.
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12 Top Tips for a Golf Trip To Ireland – Part 2
Continuing on from the last blog, here are tips 3 to 12 on how to make the most of your golf trip to Ireland. This is a guide to help you get more - some may be second nature to you already... and if you have a few other suggestions, please feel free to let us know.

3. Golf Clubs & Bag

Golf Clubs

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At ClubsToHire you can choose from the latest clubs… so if you’re thinking of upgrading, it is worth.
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12 Top Tips for a Golf Trip To Ireland – Part 1

Twelve Top Tips for a Golf Trip To Ireland – Part 1

When you’ve made the decision to take a golf trip it is easy to focus on the destination and the mustplay courses… but there is so much more involved if you are to maximise your enjoyment. Every golf trip requires planning – whether you’re travelling a few thousand miles or just a couple of hundred yards. Consider the essentials (golf shoes) and the nice-to-haves (umbrella); consider the mix of friends, the variety of handicaps and, of course, the different needs of every golfer making the journey.

It’s no easy task, so here’s a 12 stage guide to ensure that any golf trip to Ireland (and Carne, obviously) is the thrilling adventure you want it to be.

1. Your Irish Golf Itinerary
2. When to Come?
3. Golf Clubs & Bag
4. Golf Club Travel Case
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Emigration from Erris
Our history is their history and theirs is ours. By remembering the people who left, we welcome back their descendants.
- Rosemarie Geraghty

Two years ago, in July 2013, golfers & golf journalists from all over the world enjoyed the official opening event of the Kilmore nine holes at Carne Golf Links. Needless to say, the new nine holes have been greatly acclaimed since, being deemed “challenging”, “magnificent” and “stunning”. According to Robin Hiseman of European Golf Design, “Carne now has 27 of the most dramatic duneland holes in the world.” High praise, indeed!

At that time, which was the year of The Gathering, the visiting golfers also enjoyed another picturesque event in the nearby villages of Eachléim (Aughleam) and An Fód Dubh (Blacksod). A special commemorative garden in Blacksod was launched – a kind of “reverse Ellis Island” at the bottom.
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Reflecting on the 2015 Atlantic Coast Challenge
The Atlantic Coast Challenge 2015 has finished for another year. Played from 6-8 July, some 130 teams played the Irish golf links of Carne, Co. Sligo and Enniscrone, in counties Mayo and Sligo. They sit rather majestically on the Wild Atlantic Way.

There were many highlights, with the courses being the stars of the show, but what is most noticeable about this glorious corner of Ireland is that you should never believe the weather forecast. Never, ever, ever.

Five years ago, when I played in the inaugural Atlantic Coast Challenge event, I chatted to Pat Sweeney, the then General Manager at Enniscrone. Under clear blue skies, I commented that the weather forecast had predicted relentless rain. The response was a laugh and a pertinent observation that those forecasting the weather in Dublin didn’t have a clue about what was going on in the north west.

And so it proved this year… for some of the time. Those golfers going out in.
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In Search of Value
Ask any golfer for their definition of ‘value for money’ and the range of answers will be very broad indeed. There are those who think that a €40 green fee is excessive while others will part company with €250 to enjoy a once-in-a-life-time experience. No doubt, during a round or in the clubhouse, you have heard or yourself uttered the refrain, “I’d never pay over XXX for a green fee,” where XXX could be any amount from €40 to €200.

That’s fair enough. It all comes down to your budget and how much you want to play top courses. You can still play some first class clubs for under €100, and even under €40 – Carne included – but many of the world’s best will be beyond reach. So, ask yourself a simple question: how much would you pay to play Augusta, Valderamma, Pine Valley, St. Andrews… because those are all going to be once-in-a-life-time experiences, aren’t they? And, in Ireland, we are lucky to be blessed with links golf courses that rank.
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Erris Beo Festival
Jun 12 Posted by Rosemarie Mangan in Carne Golf Links Blog

(Note: the word ‘Beo’ in Irish means alive / living / active – and it is pronounced ‘byoh’)

The first Erris Beo festival took place in June 2010 and its aim is to showcase the many outdoor activities & adventures that one can experience in the region, to show how wild and wonderful Erris is! It is fitting so, that Erris was recently voted the best place in Ireland to go wild! (The Irish Times)

The local Erris Tourism committee decided that the best time to hold the festival would be around the time of the annual Pro-Am at Carne Golf Links. It has become a key event in the annual PGA calendar and one of the top Pro-Ams in the country. The golfing event has also become one of the key events in Erris region, attracting hundreds of people to the area every year, so it made sense to organise the Erris Beo Festival at the same.
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The Wild Atlantic Way
Jun 04 Posted by Rosemarie Mangan in Carne Golf Links Blog

Some say that the Great Ocean Road in Australia is the
world’s best touring route. Others say it’s South Africa’s
Garden Route, or Route 66 in the USA. All over the world,
there are many driving routes that are scenic, breathtaking,
or challenging. But only a handful can claim to be all of the
above! Surely, Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way fulfils the brief.

The Wild Atlantic Way is the world’s longest defined coastal touring route. It stretches over 2,500km, from Co. Donegal to Co. Cork, and takes in the unspoiled, rugged west coast of Ireland. Officially launched by Tourism Ireland and Fáilte Ireland in 2014, the Wild Atlantic Way has gained a great deal of interest overseas and also here in.
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The Irish Open
May 20 Posted by Kevin Markham in Carne Golf Links Blog

As the Irish Open rolls into town at Royal County Down, much of the golfing world’s attention will be focused on a links course rich in history, steeped in tradition and possessing one of the most recognisable backdrops of any golf course. As the highest peak of the Mourne Mountains, Slieve Donard rises majestically above the fairways. It is often caught in cloud but it always adds colour and drama to the setting and the mountain range runs endlessly away to the west. To the east of Slieve Donard, the mountains drop gently into the waters of Dundrum Bay, which embraces the opening holes of this magnificent golf course. It is a picture-perfect setting.

In the foreground, in the town of Newcastle itself, the spire of.
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Strangely Named Holes
May 06 Posted by Rosemarie Mangan in Carne Golf Links Blog 

Strangely Named Holes

Visitors to Carne Golf Links in Belmullet will notice that holes 11, 12, 13 and 14 (on the Hackett course) are named Conn, Fiachra, Aodh and Finnuala. These are traditional Irish names – the first three are boys’ names and Finnuala is a girl’s name.

So who are Conn, Fiachra, Aodh and Finnuala? And why are four of Carne’s golf holes named after them?

There is a famous mythological Irish story that is known by people all over the world – ‘Die Kinder von Lir’, ‘Les Enfants de Lir’, ‘I Figli di Lir’. In Irish, it is known as ‘Clann Lir’, and in English, it is called ‘The Children of Lir’. Conn, Fiachra, Aodh and Finnuala are the children of Lir.

The Legend of the Children of.
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The Road to Carne

May 02 Posted by Kevin Markham in Carne Golf Links Blog

Ask an Irish golfer about going to play Carne Golf Links, and one of the first things they’ll say – apart from how remarkable it is – is how far the course is from anywhere. We take that with a pinch of salt… after all, we’re surprisingly close to Belmullet, and Belmullet is definitely somewhere.

We don’t deny that Belmullet is a rather solitary outpost on the Atlantic seaboard, tucked away far from the city hubbub, flight paths and traffic jams, but that’s exactly how we like it. Belmullet is part of Erris – an area the size of Co. Louth – and the peace, quiet and beauty are things we give thanks for every day. And who wouldn’t, when you can look out your kitchen window at the Atlantic every morning, go for a stroll along almost deserted beaches and know just about everyone you pass in the street.

Erris is brimming with raw, natural beauty.
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Atlantic Coast Challenge 2015
Apr 28 Posted by Kevin Markham in Carne Golf Links Blog

Atlantic Coast Challenge

The Atlantic Coast Challenge first teed off in 2011. It was the commitment of three of the north west’s most spectacular clubs that made the Challenge a reality. By coming together, Carne, Co. Sligo and Enniscrone golf links have created a three day tournament which is open to anyone who loves the game of golf.

Now in its fifth year, the event has become one of the most prestigious golf challenges in the country. It has brought a renewed prominence to the north west, showcasing not just three of the best links golf courses in Ireland, but also the beauty of Mayo and Sligo, and the wonderful reception visitors receive on every trip. If there’s one thing you’ll always get in the north west, it’s a heartfelt Irish welcome.

Such factors are increasingly important as golfers come from far and.
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