Come Play the Carne Shell Pro-Am 2017

The Shell Pro-Am rolls into town on the 16th and 17th of June. Now's your chance to play alongside Ireland's best, writes Kevin Markham.

Watching a Pro golfer hit a ball, up close and personal, is always a privilege. Yes, you see the best of the best on the TV, week in, week out, but TV and real life are very different things. When you’re standing a few yards away you will appreciate the skill, the timing and the technique all the more.

But why leave it at watching… why not play alongside a Pro for the full experience?

I like the 18th because it’s a par five and generally a.

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Photographing Carne: Far More than a Thousand Words
I guess the black cloud barging in over the Atlantic should have been fair warning, but I was out striding the fairways in glorious sunshine. A black cloud wasn’t going to darken my mood. Rucksack on my back, camera in hand, I was taking advantage of the beautiful weather to photograph one of the most remarkable courses I have ever played or seen… and yes, I mean Carne Golf Links. I was heading towards the 13th green at the farthest point of Carne’s 27 holes, its green hovering above the beach, its flag sitting against the ocean and the horizon beyond. Next stop, America. And the cloud advanced.

Two minutes later the rain was inflicting a painful experience on my head and a painful lesson of the risks of how contrary the Irish weather can be. There was no shelter, despite the nearby towering dunes. The 14th is the.
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Irish Craft Beers… That Not So Elusive 19th Hole

The reputation of Ireland’s ‘19th hole’ has been well known for many years. Without dipping into the pool of clichés which accompanies our famed hospitality, let’s just say that we know a thing or two about a grand night at the bar, stories that embellish any encounter and a camaraderie that wraps its arms around the world.

But in recent years, pubs have been closing at a frightening rate. There is, however, one very bright spark in this darkness… Irish craft brewing has created a new lease of life for beer drinkers.

Bars are stocking a wider and wider range of beers, ales, stouts and ciders, and the explosion in craft brewing has swept Ireland up in its embrace. Craft beer may only account for 2% of sales (it was 0.4% in 2012) but it continues to grow.
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How To Play Links Golf
First, if you already play a lot of links golf – real links golf – then this blog probably isn’t for you. If so, I apologise.

Second, you may think golf is golf… what makes links golf any different to the ‘regular’ parkland golf I play?

The thing is, it is different. Very different. Forget for a minute that links golf is the purest and earliest form of the game… what makes it stand out is the physical characteristics of the landscape. The dunes, the lack of trees, the deep bunkering, the shapes of fairways and greens.

That in itself suggests the need for a different style of golf. And then there’s the wind.

So yes, a few extra skills, a different point of view, an acceptance of your fallibility… they’ll all help.

Here are eight tips and suggestions to consider when you decide it’s time to play links golf. Once you’re done, come to Carne Golf Links and give.
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12 Top Tips for a Golf Trip To Ireland – Part 2
Continuing on from the last blog, here are tips 3 to 12 on how to make the most of your golf trip to Ireland. This is a guide to help you get more - some may be second nature to you already... and if you have a few other suggestions, please feel free to let us know.

3. Golf Clubs & Bag

Golf Clubs

These days you don’t even have to travel with your own clubs when flying overseas. If you fly in to Dublin you can rent the latest models of club from ClubsToHire. Yes, you don’t have your own clubs, but it will save on packing, effort, worry and, possibly, the price of your plane ticket. It will also keep your spouse happier if your holiday is of the family variety

At ClubsToHire you can choose from the latest clubs… so if you’re thinking of upgrading, it is worth.
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